Zinder Hypnotherapy - Wellness Through Hypnosis

In 1958 the American Medical Association endorsed hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a legitimate treatment tool for pain, stress and relaxation management, weight loss, smoking cessation, childbirth, preparing for surgery, as well as overcoming fears of medical, dental and other hospital procedures.

Hypnosis can be defined as an altered state of consciousness or awareness.  It is a deep state of relaxation whereby the client can be susceptible to positive suggestions and imagery.  By working with the subconscious mind, the hypnotist is able to give suggestions to the client to achieve positive change.  The subconscious mind contains our hard-wiring that directs our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  The relaxation involved with hypnosis can open one's subconscious mind to suggestions that allow one to make the changes they desire.

We Specialize in:

Pain Management
Stress Management
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss/Control
Unwanted Habits
Sports Performance
General Wellness

Most anything can be aided by hypnosis.  The hypnotist can customize a session to the client's specific needs.  The intake session is a time for gathering information related to the client's history and what they would like to work on.  It is up to the hypnotist's discretion if a client's issue is suitable for the hypnotic experience.

What a Client Can Expect:

Multiple sessions are usually necessary to work with a particular issue.  It is up to the client to decide how many sessions they wish to participate in depending on their results.  However, 3-6 sessions are commonly recommended. 

Fees vary depending upon the issue and course of treatment. Please contact us to inquire about these.

In the first session, the intake, the hypnotist will gather information regarding the client's medical history, history related to what they would like to work on, and any other pertinent information.  All information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with anyone without the express written consent of the client.  Next, the hypnotist will give a detail explanation of hypnosis, it's misconceptions and benefits.  The process and what the client can expect to experience during the session is also explained.  The session then begins.  1 1/2 to 2 hours is the usual time for the intake session and 45 minutes to 1 hour is the approximate time for subsequent sessions.

All client's are given audio cd's to experience hypnosis sessions at home.  The use of audio cd's are an effective tool to allow the client to "practice" being in the hypnotic state and to continue to work on their issue.  Many of the audio cd's are customized to the client's specific needs.
"Permanence comes through repetition".

As a member in good standing with the National Guild
of Hypnotists, we follow the NGH Code of Ethics
and Standards of Practice.


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