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How Matthew Zinder Saved My Brother's Life

 Although under psychiatric care for decades earlier, and continuing on Prozac, my older brother (and his wife of 45 years)had been doing all right until he was alienated from his daughter and his three grand-daughters after over 18 years of his being there for them --this happened in June, just as they were moving into a condo after almost 40 years in their house and immediately after my sister-in-law's latest heart-attack (over the last decade she has had many cardiac incidents, as well as cancer, and pancreatic problems). 
The following April I became certificated through the basic NGH course in hypnosis, during which I was allowed to practice on my brother (his wife refused, but in watching our first induction, she reported it was a wonderfully relaxing five minutes --it had been over an hour); he was a good subject, but the situation with the daughter was getting nastier and wearing on him: he got in touch with his psychiatrist who hadn't seen him for over 10 years, and they met to set up a time to address the issue. By the time I returned from my first NGH Annual Convention about 10 weeks later, my brother's only son had surreptitiously removed his firearms from the condo, so suicidal had his dad become, and he had tripled his Prosac on his own initiative. 
I visited (we live two hours apart) and brought with me Matthew Zinder's CD, which I had purchased after personally attending all three morning sessions and which even my reserved wife enjoyed (other "greats" like Stephen Sutphen and Gale Glassner Twersky had not worked with her at all).  I did not do anything but ask him and my sister-in-law to give it a listen.  They did so.  We had a brief chat, and played Bridge, no work by me, but the next morning they both looked ten years younger and were really happy. 
The next visit to the psychiatrist had them reach an agreement to get off all psychotropic medicine, reduce the alcohol intake, and bring that CD. By this time, Matthew had given me permission to reproduce and give copies to people who were not going to be able to get down the States to see him, but would benefit (I had started specifically with a small class of grade 7/8 students and had dropped off information to senior citizen and retirement home directors and knew the CD would be beneficial for the young and old alike) as long as I was not selling them; I put his name and copyrighted dating on each copy and give it with the proviso that I will afford anothr copy if there is a person in need that the recipient comes across. 
Long story short: the psychiatrist was amazed at the progress and is available but does not think he will be needed again --he agreed the CD is excellent.  My brother is free of Prosac, enjoys the odd drink with friends and wine with some dinners, listens to the CD every day at home (as does his wife, sometimes together, but mostly each at their own time), and sees both life and himself as better and better --so much does the CD stay with them both that whenever and whereever they hear," ..very good. .." they smile or laugh outright, hearing Matthew's encouraging voice in their mind's ear. In spite of the continuing situation with their daughter and her children, they are enjoying their new life in the present. 
Every penny of the many thousands it has cost me to get started in hypnosis has been worth it for that alone --I experienced Matthew Zinder and he allowed me to share him through his CD for those who could not reach him in person.
Thank-you, Matthew, for so much! 
With love and appreciation,

Gary Cameron

I am the person who has been on so many different diets, from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins South Beach and other promising weight loss diets. During all these weight loss plans I always knew what I wanted, ultimately to lose weight, but I hadn’t been able to succeed in sticking to the plans. Matthew Zinder and Zinder Hypnotherapy offered me a different approach to dealing with my weight loss in giving me suggestive ideas to reach my goals. The idea of hypnotism scares many people; you are always in total control. I’ve experienced the process three times and never felt threatened or anxious in any way. Matthew Zinder and Zinder Hypnotherapy offers a relaxed private atmosphere. I’ve learned to let go of my stress and the positive reinforcement has strengthened my determination to lose weight. While my goal was weight loss, I’ve discovered so much more during this process. I recommend Zinder Hypnotherapy to anyone willing to try a natural approach to feeling good.

Kyle Albrecht

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